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Aug 31

Phase-field modelling shows the limiting processes in anatase TiO2 electrodes

The improvement of Li-ion battery performance requires development of models that capture the essential physics and chemistry that is happening in Li-ion battery electrode materials. Phase-field modeling has shown to have this ability, providing the opportunity to gain understanding of the complex interactions happening in a battery during (dis)charge. In this paper, a novel electrochemical …

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Nov 14

Increasing Li-ion conductivity in argyrodite solid electrolytes

The use of liquid electrolytes makes current batteries prone to dangerous thermal runaway reactions, igniting the battery, as seen recently in the Samsung Note 7 phones. To make batteries safer the liquid electrolyte can be replaced by a solid electrolyte, which is not flammable. However, before solid electrolytes can be used the Li-ion conductivity must …

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Apr 22

Diffusion in Na3PS4

The wide-spread application of Li-ion batteries could lead to a depletion of world-wide lithium resources. Batteries using Na-ions can replace Li-ions, which is especially interesting for large-scale applications. However, for large-scale the inherent dangers of liquid electrolytes become bigger, thus there is a large interest in solid electrolytes for these applications. We investigated the sodium-ion …

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