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The high natural abundance of sodium make it interesting to replace Li-ions in current batteries by Na-ions. The low cost of Na, compared to Li, make it especially interesting for large-scale applications, in which energy density is not of primary interest. Many materials can be applied in both Na- and Li-ion batteries, but there are also severe differences. Further research is therefore necessary before Na-ion batteries will be used widely.

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Na-ion Insertion into Ti oxide Structres

First principle DFT calculations are used to study the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of Na-ion insertion in TiO2 hollandite, a potential anode for Na-ion batteries. The experimentally observed phase transformation from tetragonal TiO2 (I4/m) to monoclinic Na0.25TiO2 (I2/m) is confirmed. At high Na-ion concentrations the calculated formation energies predict a first order phase transition towards …

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Diffusion in Na3PS4

The wide-spread application of Li-ion batteries could lead to a depletion of world-wide lithium resources. Batteries using Na-ions can replace Li-ions, which is especially interesting for large-scale applications. However, for large-scale the inherent dangers of liquid electrolytes become bigger, thus there is a large interest in solid electrolytes for these applications. We investigated the sodium-ion …

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