Category: Neutron Depth Profiling

Neutron Depth profiling utilizes an exothermal neutron capture reaction, the energy loss of the as such created particles is measured and is translated to depth. This allows the Li-6 concentration to be determined as function of depth. Due to the fact that the neutrons are low in number and energy this technique is nondestructive and allows monitoring the charge and discharge process in-situ.

Project: Watch the lithium ions move!

The change to renewable energy as well as the use of Li ion batteries in vehicles and consumer electronics has created a large demand for cheap, reliable and energy dense storage systems. Development of new materials as well as optimizing existing battery architectures is vital to keep up with this demand. In most commercially available systems 50% of the battery’s volume …

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Morphology study using electrons and neutrons!

In order to improve battery performance one has to know what is happening inside. Yet the all important characteristics can only be found on the sub micron level, so you can’t watch it with the naked eye. In this paper we use a combination of Focused Ion Beam milling Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) and Neutron Depth …

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