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Post-Doc & PhD Candidates

Alexandros Vasileiadis

My computational research aims at  Li and Na-ion battery modeling. I am currently investigating thermodynamic and kinetic material properties at the atomic-scale with Density Functional Theory (DFT). In addition, I am simulating the electrochemical behavior of various electrodes at the meso-scale with Phase Field Modeling,  a thermodynamic model with strong physical basis developed by our …

Bo Peng

I’m working on Silicon and phosphorus anode material for Li & Na ion batteries. And also some ab initio calculations on Silicon Sodium battery.

Chuang Yu

I’m a PhD student (2013-2017) focusing on solid state Li- and Na-ion electrolytes and their applications in all-solid-state batteries. My recent research includes two parts. One is synthesis Li- and Na-ion conductors and investigate their ionic diffusion phenomenon. The other part is the application of solid electrolytes in all-solid-state batteries and study the interfacial part. …

Martijn van Hulzen

In February 2016 I started my PhD.

Niek de Klerk

Since August 2014 I’m a PhD-student in the battery group. My work involves modelling of solid electrolytes, phase-field modelling, and a small amount of NMR. Hopefully this leads to a better understanding of battery materials, and eventually better batteries. Contact: n.j.j.deklerk AT  

Peter-Paul Harks

I’m a PhD student working on high energy-density electrodes, primarily Li-S batteries. In my research I like to focus on fundamental aspects and use in situ methods to investigate electrodes. Email:

Swapna Ganapathy

I’m a postdoc focusing on fundamental research on lithium based energy storage systems. My recent research revolves around on two diverse areas. The first is the high energy density Li-O2 battery system, where I look at crystalline transformations using operando X-ray diffraction. The second area I’m working on is all-solid-state batteries, where I mainly study …

Tomas Verhallen

I am a PhD- student, who started November 3, 2014. I mainly focus on charge transport mechanisms in high rate materials such as LFP. Using Neutron Depth Profiling we measure lithium concentration gradients, both in-situ as ex-situ. Of course the next step is to connect these results to computational modelling. Contact:  

Violetta Arszelewska

I am a PhD student  in the battery roup since February 2016. My research is focused on silicon anode material of Li-ion batteries.

Yaolin Xu

I studied MSc. Sustainable Energy Technology in TU Delft after I got a BSc. of Physics in China. I have started working as a PhD in TU Delft since 1 Jan. 2014 and my research topic is about high capacity anode materials for Li/Na ion batteries based on Si. Email:

Zhaolong Li

Hello everyone, I’m Zhaolong Li, a PhD student in this lovely group. My research focus on the variation of X-ray diffraction or neutron diffraction patterns during battery operation to reveal the phase transformation and growth mechanism. Currently, I’m doing the experiment with operando X-ray diffraction in Li-O2 battery.