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Alexandros Vasileiadis

14117698_10210663582091574_8247019413353411712_nMy computational research aims at  Li and Na-ion battery modeling. I am currently investigating thermodynamic and kinetic material properties at the atomic-scale with Density Functional Theory (DFT). In addition, I am simulating the electrochemical behavior of various electrodes at the meso-scale with Phase Field Modeling,  a thermodynamic model with strong physical basis developed by our collaborators at MIT. Regarding Lab-work, I am developing a cost-effective, environmental friendly  Na-ion aqueous battery for large scale applications aiming at a renewable energy future.

Materials of interest :  Li4Ti5O12,  TiO2(A), TiO2(H) ,         (O3)NaTiO2, C14H8O2

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