Project: Watch the lithium ions move!

The change to renewable energy as well as the use of Li ion batteries in vehicles and consumer electronics has created a large demand for cheap, reliable and energy dense storage systems. Development of new materials as well as optimizing existing battery architectures is vital to keep up with this demand. In most commercially available systems 50% of the battery’s volume consists of ‘dead’ space, i.e. materials such as packaging, conductive agents and seperators that do not store lithium.

Ideally you would like to see inside your battery and follow the lithium as it does its’ magic. In the Fame group of TNW we do just that. Using NDP and XRD we peak inside and try to discover what is necessary and what might be obsolete. Do you want to help? We are almost always looking for master and bachelor students that would like to do their thesis work in our group. Contact Marnix or Tomas